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Turin is located in northern Italy, close to the Alps and to the French border. It is the main city of the Piedmont region.
See the web sites of the City of Turin and of its Tourism Office for detailed information.

To reach Turin

By airplane
Turin has its own international airport, situated in Caselle. The airport is connected to the town by taxy (about 25 minutes) and bus services (about 45 minutes). Milan is not so far, and it is thus possible to fly to Milan and then reach Turin by train or by bus.

By train
Turin has two main railway stations, Porta Nuova and Porta Susa. Both of them are in the center of the town. Turin has good internal and international railway connections. To check schedules and timetables, you can use the web sites of the Italian railways (FS) or of the German railways.

To reach the institute

Regge Center for Theoretical Physics

Department of Physics
Via Pietro Giuria 1
10125 Torino

Turin public transportation is mostly based on buses and trams (beside, of course, taxis). A first subway line works since February 2006.
You can find maps of the town, including bus and tram lines, from the site of the local public transport company GTT.
Here are some sketchy indications to get to the institute from the two main train stations.

From Porta Nuova
From the street on the right-side of the station (via Nizza) you can take tram n. 1 or buses n.34 or n.35 and get down at the 2nd stop (via Valperga Caluso). From there, take Via Valperga Caluso to the left (to the right it goes over the railway) and walk about 300m until you see the blue building hosting the Physic department on your right. From Via Nizza you can also take the tram n. 16 that goes along via Valperga Caluso.
You can also walk in about 20 minutes.

From Porta Susa
Take tram n.1 in direction Caio Mario. It goes to Porta Nuova, then you continue and the previous instructions apply.